Who We Are

AstroResourcing.com is a new online recruitment company that offers a fresh way of matching the right candidate to the right role. We are reinventing the recruitment process to make it online, but to also make it more effective and efficient with both sides getting exactly what they are looking for faster and cheaper. AstroResourcing.com is different to traditional recruitment firms in that it is more in line with how we would expect to buy services today.

  • Register
  • Create Role / Profile
  • Search
  • Select
  • Meet
  • Agree

Astro Resourcing

  • Free to register a role
  • Free to create candidate profile
  • Free to view Video & Audio CV's
  • Free to view extensive role and candidate profile details
  • Ability to collect unique role and profile attributes
  • Free access to wide range of role and candidates
  • Wide range of criteria to select candidates
  • Free online viewing of potential candidates and roles
  • Free to watch online video of potential candidates/employers
  • Free to see previous employers feedback
  • Free to select potential candidates
  • Free and efficient, online organisation of initial interview
  • Free provision of immediate online feedback
  • Free online confirmation of successful selection
  • Free online offers made and accepted

Traditional Recruitment Firms

  • Potential upfront costs for online advertising
  • Traditional CV's uploaded with covering letter
  • Based on simple and standard criteria
  • Difficult to access the right people/roles
  • Hundreds of people/roles to review
  • No access to genuine previous feedback
  • Time consuming to organise interview - often through a third party
  • No advantages to the employer of the candidate
  • Traditional high recruitment fees - often over 20% of annual salary

Astro Resourcing provides a unique online recruitment opportunity for anybody looking for a permanent, contract or temporary role.

The benefits of signing up to AstroResourcing.com as a candidate include:

1. The ability to register and publish your profile for free 2. Create your own personal VIDEO AND AUDIO CV'S

3. Develop a more EXTENSIVE CV

4. Capturing and publishing previous EMPLOYER FEEDBACK on yourself. Future employers love to see what your previous employer said

5. The ability to manage your own AVAILABILITY, now and in the future

6. Using the exclusive ASTRO RESOURCING FILTER & MATCH to find the right role for you - reduce the need to review hundreds of roles which are not applicable.


Online Video

Employer Feedback

Capture and publish previous EMPLOYER FEEDBACK on yourself. Future employers love to see what your previous employer said.

Astro Resourcing allows employers to create job roles online free of charge, to then see the potential matches free, candidates videos free and then arrange an interview online free.

After signing up as an employer you can:

  1. Post roles free and view potential candidates free
  2. Have immediate access to candidates video and audio CV's – see and hear the candidate before you see them in person
  3. Review a more extensive CV - know more about the person than just their skills, experience and qualifications
  4. Have access to previous employer feedback - see what previous employers have said
  5. Use the exclusive Astro Resourcing filter and match process – reduce the need to read hundreds of CV's which are not applicable
  6. All roles posted free
  7. All viewings of candidates details that match – free
  8. Interviewing of the candidate – free
  9. Roles matched and placed free

Completely Free

No fees for creating, matching or filling roles